Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New article on FX Energy by Hedge Fund manager Zachary Prensky

Another possibility that Mr. Prensky did not mention is that FX Energy may be running a liner in order to perform a cased hole drillstem test.

The Kutno-2 well plan, as given by CEO David Pierce on the 9-Aug-2012 conference call, is as follows:

"If we see hydrocarbons and porosity as we drill ahead, we will probably run drillstem tests on one or more occasions. If everything looks good, we will log and complete the well and run a production test."

What will the next press release regard Kutno-2 look like?  In the following link I have compiled a list of analogous press releases for previous wells which pretty much cover the range of possibilities.

For those of you wondering what a drillstem test is watch the following youtube video starting at the 9:45 minute mark:

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