Saturday, May 24, 2014

HRT Participacoes: The Polvo Baby Has Been Thrown Out With The Bathwater

My newest article on GuruFocus:


  1. Hi Stan - I'm a holder of HRTPY, but i was thinking of selling the stock before the record date and buying back after 12th June to save the massive cost of 0.02c

    Naturally the risk is if the stock rises beyond 0.02c in that period, then I've to pay more than what i save.


  2. My largest holding is HRTPY. If I did not already have an outsized position, I would eagerly purchase the stock if it was $0.02 more per share. The GDS fee essentially increases the purchase price by $0.02. Waiting may work out for you, but it may be penny wise and pound foolish. I will just pay the fee.